Interesting Hair

I have been working on a small bust just recently with a different kind of body and hair. Here are some photo’s of the piece.IMG_3678 IMG_3679 IMG_3680


2015-01-21 16.45.14

I have just started an Instagram account with the name vilas.silverton.

In this way, i hope to share more ‘progress’ photos and spontaneous images that don’t need a blog entry.


Jyotipriya’s Decorated Coffin

Here are some images of the coffin I decorated as mentioned in an earlier post.

I was asked to make it simple, natural and beautiful, to go with a cardboard coffin that had been selected a long time ago. I hope I fulfilled my brief.


New Beginnings

For the past two years I’ve been blogging here.

Now I will use this site instead.

To celebrate, here are some lambs.