Interesting Hair

I have been working on a small bust just recently with a different kind of body and hair. Here are some photo’s of the piece.IMG_3678 IMG_3679 IMG_3680

And this is how I continue….

As I build upwards, I smooth the rectangular coils into place. Sometimes I will need to modify the shape fairly drastically, So in one picture I have cut a section where I will be able to insert some more clay. Sometimes I need to do the opposite and remove areas.

After continuing past the neck, I need to make sure the clay is firm enough to support the head. This also affects the shape slightly and how far the jaw protrudes.

IMG_3503 IMG_3511 IMG_3522 IMG_3514 IMG_3523 IMG_3525 IMG_3530


With the basic form in place, I let the clay firm up a little before refining the shape and deciding how to proceed with the facial features and details. TBC


2015-01-21 16.45.14

I have just started an Instagram account with the name vilas.silverton.

In this way, i hope to share more ‘progress’ photos and spontaneous images that don’t need a blog entry.


Jyotipriya’s Decorated Coffin

Here are some images of the coffin I decorated as mentioned in an earlier post.

I was asked to make it simple, natural and beautiful, to go with a cardboard coffin that had been selected a long time ago. I hope I fulfilled my brief.



I live in Bristol, UK where there is quite a vibrant street painting scene (for better or worse). I liked this face though.


Coffee Cup Angel Part 2


The good people at Coffee No.1 seemed pleased with my efforts and replaced the plain cup with my angel. If you are in the vicinity of Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol, UK, do have a look (and maybe a coffee as well).

Coffee No.1 have a website here.


Coffee Cup Angel



For the last couple of days I have been decorating my friends coffin, and thinking about little else. Today I took a break and went to my local for a coffee with a pal. Inside the cafe, I was admiring how their small tree was decorated with take-away espresso cups hung from the branches. On top of the tree however, was just a bigger cardboard cup. I thought this looked a bit sad as I like to see angels on top of trees, or at least a star. So on the way out, I pinched a couple of cups and set about making my own tree-topper. I’ll take it in tomorrow and see if they would like to use it…